the imagination, the big bang, the appearance and expansion of life


the religion of science

consider the big bang. everything that cannot be seen, cannot be recreated, is not proven, is a theory. consider the big bang from the physicist point of view, and assume they are essentially correct. at one point, all the matter that is now spread was condensed to maximum concentration in one spot. this changed time from the way we know it now. it also changed space. space and time were somehow warped around this super concentration. for some reason, perhaps they know why, this ball exploded and flung its atoms out, and time and space became as we know it.

what preceded the concentration of matter? did it condense from a previous universe? do universes expand, then contract, collapse, boil for a while in a ball, then expand again? where did the atoms come from in the first place? where did the laws of physics come from?

at some point as these bits of rock were hurtling through space, presumably away from each other, life emerged. on this the scientists and the christians virtually agree. it arose from a single seminal event. all species come from the first mutation. all humans come from adam.

whether it was a part of life at the beginning or not, at some point, mind arose. the power that life has to imagine things it cannot see, like the big bang. its important for people to reconcile their imagination with what they believe to be the truth. they want to see the big bang as it really was. they want to see the beginning of life in their mind as it really was. no one wants a theory which comforts them but which is ultimately not true. we believe what we see, what is true is what would have been seen.

in many ways, the emergence of life is like the big bang. from a seminal event, it is still expanding. there is a drive in all of us to see and hear things beyond the present. to see the future, to know the past. the power of mind is the imagination to see things which cannot be physically seen, in the past or future. to see them truly as they were or will be.

by seeing it, people want to be present at the big bang, the beginning of life. they dont want it to take place without them. they want to be a part of it. they want to help cause it, to be a part of the genius which created it. to be a part of the creator. to be a partner in creation.

the expansion of matter, life and mind

if there is a meaning to life, as in, what is the meaning of life, it must also be the meaning of matter. we think when matter expanded, it changed the qualities of time and space. when mind expands, it can see and understand things which cannot be physically seen. where will that lead?

underlying all this of course, is my belief that the qualities of mind preceded the big bang, that they are not created from matter, that matter is not sufficient as the base material of intelligence. it proceeds from itself. mind creates matter. matter is not able to create mind.

i cannot ignore my experience. my experience seems to tell me that i am a being of mind, more than of matter. my matter can be dissolved, but it seems to exist to give my mind a playground. mind is playing in this world.

how many in their 80+ years here have looked back at the beginning and imagined they could see the creator and know what took place, how it happened, why, where they stood. we use their theories, their speculations, as our own base. how much would we know without the others who like us are looking through time and space? how much of what we are is because of others just like us, looking and wondering.

what does that phrase mean, they share a common vision?

what is the vision of what we are expanding to?