Proof that the Sasquatch Exists!!!

Throughout these pages you will be amazed at the pure beauty and spectacle of the beast we know as the Sasquatch. That is, if youre lucky to see it. In the majority of these pictures, the Sasquatch remains hiding aloof, mindful of the human eye. Very few can detect the Sasquatch in some of these pictures, much less them all. Good luck!!

You may not know it, but there is a Sasquatch hidden on the isle of St.Croix of the Virgin Islands. Although very rarely seen by the human eye, this site showcases the very best snapshots of the Sasquatch found all over the world. If you look extremely close, you will notice that you are viewing the sasquatch in his "Tea time" period
St. Croix, the Virgin Islands
A hint: The sasquatch is just next to the tree
Alaskan Sasquatch
One of the most exciting pictures ever captured on film is this sasquatch in a domineering pose of power on an Alaskan glacier. Although you cannot tell by the picture, the sasquatch is just seconds away from frollicing off into the distance.
Glacier in Alaska
A hint: the sasquatch is on top of the glacier.
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Sasquatch in Central Park in New York City
Now as far as researchers are concerned, this is where the Sasquatch sometimes jogs to shed those unsightly lbs around the hips.

This particular picture shows the Sasquatch on his "cool-down" lap. He appears tired and worn out. That seems to be the deciding factor in how he was so easily captured on film.
While the Switzerland local appears to be unphased by the giant Sasquatch looming before him/her, in reality the local is stricken with terror.

The picture taken seconds later could not be published on this site due to the graphic nature.
2002 MTV Spring Break
Whats not clear is how the Sasquatch managed to blend into the Spring Break environment without being detected. What is clear is that the Sasquatch likes to get down to "Get the Party Started" by Pink.
I cannot really comment on this picture, because to my knowledge there is no sasquatch in it. My cousin said that he saw him for a second by the grass, but i dunno, you all know how my cousin can be.
Easter Island
Sometimes Sasquatches like to get completely out of society's eyes. To do this they must develop an incredible chameleon like defense mechanism and blend into their environments. Again, like the picture before this one, i have yet to see this so-called "Easter ISland Sasquatch", but ive been told its there.
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