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How to take Pictures of Fireflies PDF 2016 version

How to take Pictures of Fireflies in Flight - written after 2009 using a Canon G7


Firefly 2013 -SmugMug

Firefly 2013 - Flickr

Firefly 2012 - Canon G12 - link to Smugmug gallery

Firefly 2011 - DSLR - these are pretty good but I went back to the high end compact in 2012

Firefly 2007-2009 - 1280 pixels (single page - scroll down)



Esperanza was Traven's daughter?


Code Blog- Autocad - VBA - Excel - Autocad Graphing Calculator
Seeing in the Dark - Paleolithic Cave Art - This was my last paper I did for an undergraduate degree. Just a freshman humanities class, but I tried to give it some structure worthy of the momentous subject. With photos and quotes from two leading cave archeologists and one of my favorite authors, Joseph Campbell.
Evansville Zoo - Early Newspaper clippings - My great-uncle Clem Kevekordes was the first superintendent of the Evansville Zoo from the beginning until about 1936. Here are some newspaper clippings from his personal scrapbook

Who is Straka? - "S" by Doug Dorst is a fiction published October 2013 that is based partly on the B. Traven identity mystery. I list a few parallels.

More Straka - a short essay on the book Ship of Theseus by Doug Dorst - Ulysses, Perceval and S - Joseph Campbell's "Creative Mythology" an influence in Ship of Theseus?



Family Photo Albums

Priest Family 1

Priest Family 2

Priest Family 3

Ptiest Family 4

Priest Family 5

Priest Family 6

Old Family Website Mirror - 1999-2003 family website, old family pics (and some old vbscript only works on MS Explorer) includes the famous technicolor snail

Firefly Photography - older stuff

Flickr (fireflies, flowers, bugs, sunsets, babies)

Photo Gallery on SmugMug



Creativity is the point. Creativity is your birthright. Its how all this came to be. The universe is infinite in all directions. Follow your natural impulses. Don't be violent against your fellow creatures whose source is the same as yours. You have control and you have free will. You may not be able to flap your arms and fly to the moon, but you have options and abilities. You can believe you are helpless and act that out, you have the free will to do that, or you can pay attention to your impulses and bring something in to the world nobody else can, starting from where you are now.

I am concerned about propaganda and the vulnerability of people to believe anything given a repeated re-telling of it. Keep your own counsel. The internet and the constant-on media are not the life inside. We are still dependent on the functioning of the tiniest green leaf to eat, to breathe. We are dependent on water falling from the sky to drink. The craziness of modern life can only be solved by a return to nature and a recognition that we have never not been dependent on the natural world. When you are troubled, surround yourself in the natural world.


U-Haul Firefly Website Uhaul Trailer used a picture of mine to create a graphic (by artist Steve King) that is on the side of 1900 trucks. Ted talk -Sara Lewis - The loves and lies of fireflies




Terry Priest

Stalking the wild firefly
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